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More Than A Woman


Colouring in the Women of Hip Hop!
15 full colour illustrations with outline doubles.

MORE THAN A WOMAN explores the most fierce heroines of Hip Hop. Publishers Belly Kids have pulled together 15 of thier favourite illustrators to each create a unique impression of one of their top loved R’n’B Queens. The end product is delightful!

Images of Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Sylvia Robinson, Mariah Carey, Erykah Badu, Lisa Lefteye Lopes, Rihanna, Aaliyah, MIA, Eve, Kelis, Lauryn Hill and Salt n Peppa. Illustrators involved are Kim Sielbeck, Thomas Slater, Suzi Kemp, Sophy Hollington, Joseph Prince, Nick Alston, Daisy Wolff-Whitehouse, Miguel Martin, Charlotte Mei, Laura Gee, Bridget Meyne, Charlotte Trounce and Anneka Lange.