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The Painted Lady

by Dominique Holmes


The Painted Lady: The art of tattooing the female body by Dominque Holmes.

As the number of women getting tattooed has sharply increased over the past few decades, both classic and contemporary styles of tattooing have taken on a more feminine feel. The Painted Lady explores the styles popular among women today and how these have developed from very humble origins, featuring fabulous photographs and beautiful hand-painted illustrations.

Be inspired by modern interpretations of Vintage classics such as lockets, hearts and roses, pretty Butterflies and Flowers and Nautical figures such as swallows and anchors. Discover the Eastern influences behind the ornate Japanese style and the intricately detailed Mehndi patterns. Unlock the secret to contemporary Fusion tattoos by combining a number of styles to create the perfect aesthetic partnership.

Dominique Holmes is a tattoo artist, painter and designer living in London. Dominique has been tattooing for more than ten years, as well as producing privately commissioned designs and artwork for album covers, clothing companies and individuals.