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'Velvet Maria' ORIGINAL ARTWORK by Richie Fahey

by Richie Fahey

£1,360.00 / Coming Soon

Photograph and oils
Vintage frame, sourced by the artist

New York photographer and painter Richie Fahey uses vintage lighting techniques and meticulous art direction to produce​ ​and develop​ ​black and white​ ​photo​graphs​​ ​before painting on them with​ ​oil​; bringing the workds to life in Technicolor glory.​ ​Richie taught himself the dying art of oil painting on photographs after stumbling across a 'how-to' book in a thrift shop.

Known for his distinctive atmospheric style which harks back to a bygone era,​ Richie​ is inspired by old movie houses, pulp paperbacks​ and ​pin-ups;​ he strives to recapture the world of lo-fi mid-century tiki noir.

Richie has exhibited his work worldwide​,​​ however, he will not be able to continue his incredible practice forever: "Each time the photo paper I'm using gets discontinued, ​I ​think ​I​'ll have to stop​...​when my supply of ​M​arshal's photo oils gets used up, that will be it​.​​"​